Aroma Housewares AFR-120B Hot X-Press Milk Frother Review

Aroma Housewares AFR-120B Hot X-Press Milk Frother Review

Aroma Housewares AFR-120B Hot X-Press Milk Frother Review admin

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Aroma Housewares AFR-120B Hot X-Press Milk Frother is a revolutionary creation, produced to transform coffee into a more yummy and tasty drink. If you love your froth thicker and creamier, you need to consider having this amazing milk frothing machine on your kitchen countertop for homemade lattes and cappuccinos.

With three different heat settings, you can choose the best heating level for optimal cook. This hot froth maker is designed with a stay cool handle for comfortable holding and pouring. Its corded base is not permanently attached to allow lift offs and cordless pouring.

It is a precise design that does not occupy much space on your kitchen countertop and does a perfect job complementing your coffee maker.

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3 Heat Settings

This x-press milk frother has three heat settings for high, medium and off options. You can rely on this milk maker for both hot and cold milk froths. Choosing any of the three options doesn’t take much that just a press of a button, making it the most comfortable frothing machine in the market today.

Aroma-Hot-X-Press-001Cool-Touch Handle

The handles are designed to stay cool for as long as the milk machine is in use. This is also meant to improve the usability and comfort of operations. Pouring and holding become much easier and worry free. If you are looking for a milk maker that won’t be stressful to handle, this Aroma piece is your perfect pick.

Aroma-Hot-X-Press-002Simple 1-Touch Button Operation

Enjoy the most comfortable and headache-free operation with this reliable milk frothing machine. Everything is controlled by a simple one-touch button. Like no any other milk frother, this product makes your morning coffee sessions more enjoyable.

Aroma-Hot-X-Press-003Lift-off Base

The base might be attached to a lot of electrical elements, including the power cord, but this machine lifts off to allow for cordless pouring and easy mobility. In case you want to serve your coffee in another room apart from where you made the froth, be my guest, this machine makes it easy for you.

Aroma-Hot-X-Press-004Non-Stick Interior

The interior is constructed of a non-sticker material that makes it easy to maintain and clean. You don’t have to be worried about sticky milk products as well as coffee stains. This machine is designed for first class usability and for making the tastiest froths.


  • Makes milk froth in less than two minutes
  • Plastic housing is an added advantage to users
  • The handle stays cool throughout for comfortable holding
  • This milk frothing machine is simple to operate with one-touch buttons
  • It is very affordable


  • Even the highest heating level doesn’t heat milk past lukewarm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I have just bought this milk frothing machine and am not sure if I should use it with soy milk. What do I do?

A: you don’t need to worry about that. This frothing machine is great for low fat, soy milk as well as almond milk. So cheer up and enjoy the greatness of this product.

Q: I would prefer if this frother could multitask. Does it?

A: If you are asking whether it can heat milk and offer both hot and cold froths, the answer is yes. It is a great multitasker and I love having my piece.

Q: So, does this Aroma milk frother come with a warranty?

A: I am not really sure about the manufacturer warranty on this product, but I can assure you that this is the most functional and long lasting frother I have ever owned.

Final Verdict

You can buy this milk frothing machine for tastier and quick lattes and cappuccinos made from your own kitchen. If you love milk froths and coffee blends, you need to depend on a powerful and fast milk frother with great functionality like this Aroma X-press milk frother.

For its cheap price, this product has it all. Ease of use, great performance, durability as well as simple maintenance. Cleaning it is very easy and doesn’t take much of your effort or time.

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