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Hi, my name is Rockey, a crazy coffee drinker and the guy behind the I’m a regular coffee drinker for more than seven years, now having the experience of drinking coffee by making with milk frother. I take it frequently and make it by myself. And major the time, I love drinking coffee with my friends and family members.

I’m Coffee Drinker

I’m crazy, crazy about new milk frother. My friends and relatives know it very well. They also used from me seeing my Coffee drinking method, very often I get asked question from them, about milk frother, which one they should choose or which one will easy use them best, etc. As I said earlier, I love making coffee with milk frother, and some of them are inspired by me. They think I’m the guru about milk frother, and that’s why they ask for my suggestion when they need to buy any milk frother. I tell them the same thing repeatedly (You know how boring it is!).

The Story behind

The idea of the websites actually comes from my friends and relatives who ask for my suggestions! I thought to put all of my suggestions and resources on the web so that people who are looking for milk frother, coffee maker & making information can have some awesome resources.

I instantly registered domain, setup the website and started publishing my suggestion and advises on it. (I’m pretty happy now; I can send them this link when they ask for my personal suggestions, about milk frother, coffee maker. I even earn some money when they buy my suggested products following my affiliate link!)

I’m happy; I can now help more people about coffee making by milk frother. It’s so inspiring when people get this website through search engines and social media sites and after reading my contents (and it helps them!) they send me thank you email! I share my milk frother knowledge, experience and suggestions on this site. Some of the links are affiliated, that means I will earn a commission if you buy milk frother following my link (Without any extra cost to you!). I appreciate if you do.

I’m friendly, be my friend!

Feel free to send me email at at if you have any question or suggestions. I reply every single email, so don’t hesitate to contact. And I like to make new friendship, don’t be a stranger to me! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin.

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