NutriChef PKFMR11BKV2 Frothing Machine Details Review

NutriChef PKFMR11BKV2 Frothing Machine Review

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There is another great foam maker and drink mixer in the market going with the name NutriChef PKFMR11BKV2 Frothing Machine. This professional milk frother can transform your home into an aromatic origin of the tastiest cappuccinos and lattes.

This professional foam maker and drink mixer fits well in limited storage spaces like a small kitchen drawer. Its small and compact body is an added advantage to travelers as well as commuters. The frothing machine has been designed with one-touch ease of operation to make homemade beverages simple to prepare.

For the cheapest possible, you are able to take home a great beauty as well as an all-purpose foam maker and drink mixer.

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Versatile Usability

This machine from Café Luxe is more than just a foam maker. You can use it to prepare a wide range of drink recipes at the comfort of your home kitchen. This foam maker as well as a drink mixer can serve smoothies, whisked egg, grain pastes and several coffee flavored drinks.

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One-Touch On & Off

If you are looking for a milk frother that doesn’t give you a lot of stress operating, this professional frothing machine is perfect for you. With one-touch button, you can switch it on or off in an automatic way. This makes using it simpler and stress-free. Even your kids can prepare their own foams easily with this machine.

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Contoured Grip

It has the most comfortable grip for easy handling and holding. This milk frother and drink mixer makes home preparation of tasty lattes and cappuccinos very simple and enjoyable.

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Dual Speed

The dual speed technology makes this Café Luxe drink mixer one of the fastest of all time. It can make creamy foam in less than 10 seconds and serve it in its greatest taste. Making lattes and cappuccinos is done in a push of a button speed.

NutriChef PKFMR11BKV2 Frothing Machine Review 5Space Saving Construction

The frothing machine is built to replace the old type of bulky and expensive milk frothers with a new portable and easy-to store design. The space-saving construction is responsible for its preference by most kitchen owners. The small milk frothing machine can do a great job on your self-made drinks.

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  • Risk free and designed with a 100% guarantee for satisfaction
  • Small and easy to store; built to save space and can fit in a kitchen drawer.
  • The contoured grip makes it comfortable to hold and handle
  • Can prepare a variety of drinks
  • Makes enjoyable lattes and cappuccinos with excellent foam


  • Does not heat milk and should not be immersed in water


Q: Does this frothing machine work well for heating milk too? Or do I have to buy another machine for that?

A: Unfortunately, this is just a milk and coffee mixer for preparing foamy froths, cappuccinos and yummy lattes. If you need a milk heater, you will have to consider another product.

Q: How many people can this milk whipping machine serve at a time?

A: I have never tried that, but I use mine for single servings, and it works perfectly well for that. However, I think it can serve at most two coffee mugs.

Q: Can I use this milk frother to whisk my eggs? Will that destroy the taste of frothes made after?

A: Yes, you can use it for whisking egg with this frothing machine. If you don’t want the bad smell, clean immediately after use.

Final Verdict

Every possible quality of a great frothing machine has been combined into a small and compact milk frother, foam maker and drink mixer. It is designed to give the best servings of cold and heated milk froths as well as whisked eggs and so much more.

Availing the widest variety of different drink recipes at their best tastes and texture, this milk frother avails a great opportunity to coffee lovers. It can therefore be a perfect present for a friend or family member on a special occasion.

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