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Ever thought of getting yourself a perfect cup of cappuccino or latte? Well, from an expert’s point of view, there is no better way to doing this other than getting the best stovetop milk frother. In no time, you will have your quality beverage warm or cold just the way you prefer. The best stovetop milk frother gives you that perfect milk foam you so much desire in just a few minutes. The handheld allow you to control the temperature of the milk while electric stovetop milk frother allows you to relax milk, as your milk foam is prepared.

Having an early morning errand but cannot afford to skip on your morning plans? Most stovetop milk frother will prepare your milk foam in no time. The effectiveness of the best stovetop milk frother will let you enjoy every moment without interfering with your schedule.

User experience matters and with this guide you will be able to choose the best stovetop milk frother of 2022.



To save you the hassle of having to read all through, have a quick look at 3 of our best



PURCHASE stovetop milk frotherBellemain Stainless Steel Hand Pump Milk Frother, 14 oz CapacityBest Nespresso Compatible CapsulesQuick purchase
2. best stovetop milk frotherMinos Moka Pot Espresso Maker – 6 cup – 10 fl oz – Stainless Steel and Silicon HandleBest Nespresso Compatible CapsulesQuick Purchase
3. best stovetop milk frotherStove-Top Cappuccino SteamerBest Nespresso Compatible CapsulesQuick Purchase

How it works

When making milk froth you can prefer to use steam, aeration or speed mechanisms. Here is a step guide to creating milk froth.

    1. Pour milk into the main cylinder (can be a glass or stainless cup). Make sure to leave 1/3 to ½ of the cylinder empty.
    1. To make it warm, place the metal jug on source of heat to a point below the milk boiling point. You can skip this step if you are considering have you milk froth cold
    1. Place on a flat table and use your pump holding the lid down to aerate the milk. This will help create the froth in just over 10 seconds. Now let it settle for 10 more seconds.
  1. With your coffee ready, pour your frothy milk into the cup while spooning the extra froth into your coffee.

With the best stovetop milk frother you do not have to worry about cleaning struggle as the inner lining do not allow for milk to stick.

Buyers guides or how to choose the best stovetop milk frother

Milk frother helps deliver on your fantasy taste appearance and texture of a delicious of a cold or warm milk drinks. With easy to use machines one can make frothy milk foam using a spinning channel by the center to aerate the milk with even bubble distribution for a sleek and soft texture.

What type of milk frother should you get?

With different milk frothers you can get a number of both capabilities and features to provide on variance. Milk frothers are divided into 3 categories. They include:

    • Handheld milk frother- being light and simple it is shaped like a slender baseball bat with quite a wide base with a pointed front end. The front head is responsible for spinning the milk inside the wide base. These types of frothers are a preference for making a few cups of milk froth.
    • Stainless manual milk frother- favorable when preparing quite a number of hot cappuccinos. With a stainless steel frother it is both simple and wide enough to allow for a pumping frothing head. You may hear some people refer to this as stovetop milk frother due to physical characteristics. You may like this frother more because you can place it on either medium or low heat stove for a steaming sensation.
  • Electric milk frothers- this is the most advanced of the three types of milk frothers. You can acquire electric milk frother in different size, which means you can customize it to your needs. This frother can help make 2 or even 3 cups of frothed milk. Its wand is attached to an espresso machine which can help steam your milk fast.

Should you buy a milk frother based on capacity or capability?

I think the best milk frother for me would be one I could carry around on picnics and I expect you would too. However, you should consider how many times you would depend on portability over capacity on your milk frother. The capability of a milk frother to be portable will usually mean your maximum capacity will have to be on bare minimum.

Is your milk frother easy to handle?

Trying the electric milk frother, you probably have to go through a manual just to get a cold milk froth. Easy machines find appreciation in many homes that where members do not hold time to engage in complicated steps. Easy to follow steps makes it hard to make mistakes while maintaining maximum quality of your milk froth.

Is a budget always the restraining factor?

You think the best frother would be most expensive. Wrong, many quality machines do actually retail at relative low prices. With a desire for high quality milk froth, you can manage to obtain a cheap but promising milk frother by making comparison on features and product type.

Would you say that a milk frother is what you need?

Nothing feels better than a perfect beverage. Adding a few tweaks to your favorite drink can have either positive or normative taste experiences on a customer. the best of these is distinguishable by the change in texture and appearance.

A milk frother will always ensure you get your most desired mix of all tastes at once. Both chocolate and milk can be stirred up to provide the most consistent of mix for just one perfect cup. So why not, go ahead and get yourself a milk frother. Why have a moment once when you can have it often?


What would you watch out for in a milk frother? Is it quality, usage, quality or capacity? If yes then an electric milk frother would work out for you. This however is a preference for fast and quality results.

If this does not cut it for you then at a level of good texture and a bit of pumping then manual frothers is quite a good economical option for the task. Manual frothers also happen to support portability as no power source is required.

Electric vs Manual milk frothers

Most people do come across this question as they try to obtain their preferred milk frother.

The highest distinguishing factor of the two is that electric milk frother uses electricity while manual milk froth will run without any power source.


Electric milk frothers

Manual Milk Frothers.

1.Can keep milk warm as it frothsNeeds external heat to keep milk warm
2.Require less supervision for a good foamy milkNeed consistent supervision and time for frothy quality
3.Are more expensive compared to other frothersRelatively cheap compared to electric milk frothers


Out of dozens of stovetop milk frothers out there we went ahead and picked the best 10 just for you. Considering the practicality and quality essence you will find all to luring with most fitting your desire criteria

HIC milk creamer frother cappuccino Coffee Foam Pitcher with Handle and Lid


This is a stovetop milk frother that will make your rich foam in just under 60 seconds. This is a manual milk frother built of stainless steel and a double-mesh aerator lid. This provides durability of the frother while allowing for 14 ounces of milk contained in the pitcher to create a foam from 30 to 60 seconds.

To begin creating the milk foam you place just 400 grams of milk into your pitcher, close the lid and use the easy grip handle to aerate your milk to consistent foam.

This is an easy to use milk frother with stainless steel that ensures an easy to clean user experience. The built-in plunger on the lid will ensure you do not opt for electricity and battery powered milk frothers in the market. With easy steps on preparing and serving milk froth, you will not need too much skill to prepare your own milk froth.

To serve all you do is raise your plunger while holding the froth within. Serve the milk first then with care add the foam to your beverage

Bellemain Stainless steel Hand Pump Milk Frother

best stovetop milk frother

You want to enjoy your cappuccino but then, there is no power? No problem. The Bellemain stainless steel hand milk frother will prepare your milk froth.  In just under 30 seconds, you will plunge your milk through the stainless steel mesh to obtain your milk froth

All you need to do with this milk frother is pump 10-100 pumps under no electricity and batteries. This frother will keep creating more and more foam with every pump allowing you to define your own texture and consistency.

With a pitcher so wide you can create froth for the whole family, 205ml of milk is converted to more froth than you can regret.

The Bellemain milk frother is stainless allowing for resistance to rust, fading and staining of any sort while ensuring food safety by not contaminating your warm or cold milk. This milk frother is so good you could end up carrying it around just to bring your taste wherever you go.

The bellemain stainless steel hand pump milk frother will be of easy to use and clean while maintaining the price within your budget plans. Make yourself some latte now.

Bialetti Cappuccino and Latte Set

best stovetop milk frother

This is a milk frother made of polished aluminum, which is a major difference from the other products. It is made of dual chambers that allow for up to 6 cups of milk froth all at once. Being a manual milk frother you will be able to convert your 32 ounces of milk to foam.

This type of milk frother will not affect the quality of your cappuccino or latte. Its most desirable trait is the easy to use design. This frother is relatively cheap and easy to clean. It is recommended to clean with a wet cloth and hands for maximum care. The frother pitcher will keep away any stains as the material is polished.

This milk frother will even let your prepare your coffee which means your cappuccino or latte can all be ready in an instance.

This milk frother is not recommended for dishwasher cleaning to maintain maximum care. You will need to let the pitcher cool down before commencing on making the second cup of froth. This can be insatiable on a busy day but the quality of froth produces will make it worth your time.

Cuisinox 500 ml Hand Pump Cappuccino/ Milk frother

best stovetop milk frother

Being a manual milk frother, it totally lets you control the amount of froth formed. This milk frother is purely made of stainless steel, which means it is easy to clean.

Attached to the top is the pump to help with froth making which is useful for making café lattes, whipping milk shakes. It also allows for froth formation on any type of milk, which means you do not have to acquire extra add-ons to fit your milk alternatives.

With 17 ounces of capacity or half a liter of milk, this froth maker allows you to make enough froth for your whole family all at once. The fact that it requires no power source means it is capable of outdoor froth making it a preference for most travelers and caravan tours.

It is to be noted that Cuisinox 500ml hand pump milk frother only allows for hand wash only thus should not be cleaned by use of dishwasher machine.

La Cafetiere Bialetti Tuttocrema Frothing Jug, Teflon Non Stick Surface and Double Filterbest stovetop milk frother

Applicable for use on both milk and cream it uses a manual plunger to whip its liquid bringing out foams of good consistency.  Its foam can be used to make cappuccinos, lattes or added to pies and cakes.

This milk frother is operated by adding 1/3 of milk on the frothing jug and replacing the lid. The plunger is then pumped to whip the contents to a satiable level. The whipped milk is then poured into the cup or over cakes.

La cafetiere Bialetti milk frother is manufactured from materials such as Teflon that do not allow sticking thus ensuring easy and fast cleaning. The double fine filter will also ensure you get that extra froth you needed for your cup of cappuccino.

With its efficiency, this froth maker will let you prepare at least 6 expresso size cups at no cost to quality. This is an extremely light machine; at just under ½ a kilogram; you will find it easy to carry. This will also ensure you can plunge your froth with no strain resulting from heavy weights.

This milk frother comes at an affordable price making sure you can complement your drinks with quality milk froth.

Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker


Like classic Italian coffee? Minos Moka expresso Maker is made out of stainless steel it is a stronger milk frother. Stainless steel will let you prepare your milk froth even under high temperatures without deformation of damage.

This is a beautifully crafted milk frother providing quality froth while adding on a lovely view. The handle is built to provide safety from the hot drinks you prefer serving without compromising on your experience. With the hollow stainless steel you will be able to carry around your milk frother on relatively long distances without breaking a sweat.

With sleek designs this milk frother will let you clean up in no time to prepare your 6 cups of espressos. This is a milk frother that will keep your drinks full of joy and pride. The elongated handle will let you hold it within your palms for easy plunging and fast frothing.

Stove-Top Cappuccino Steamer


Made out of stainless steel this milk frother will give you no stain problems when cleaning. This milk frother will let you prepare your cappuccino in just under 5 minutes. With just 20 seconds to prepare your milk froth, the texture and consistency is of notable quality

Weighing less than most milk frothers it is a portable option supporting your outdoor beverage endeavors. This milk frother can really come in hardy during your camping trips down the alps.

This device however can get very hot thus needs undivided attention when handling it. In case of burns run your sore area with cold running water

With its bakelite handle however you will be able to move it around even when hot. This can come in hardy when making a froth under tight camping spaces. The needle-valve by the sides will help control the steam pressures in the frother helping preserve the bubble consistency.

Incorporated in the stove-top cappuccino steamer are the knob, bonnet insert to help regulate steam and prevent milk sputter over the lid areas.

Aerolatte Moka Stovetop Espresso Pot Coffee Maker

best stovetop milk frother

Handling a capacity of 3 cups per session the Aerolatte Moka stovetop will let you peep in through the viewing windows by the lid to tell exactly when the brewing is ready. Made of polycarbonate you don’t have to worry about this part getting any older for observation.

The mark of maximum filling line will also ensure that while you push productivity to the roof your quality will be best taken care of by its meticulous design. Made of aluminum compounds your brewing will be kept warm for much later.

Use of aluminum in right quantities will also ensure that the added water warms evenly for the perfect taste. With the right care you will be able to make sure that your water does not cover up your safety valve ensuring your drink comes out exactly how you like it.

With this design the MokaVista group ensured a modern design without losing the original craft that helped make an icon for its product. Aerolatter Moka stovetop Espresso pot is one product made for lifestyle complimentary design.

You will be able to obtain a stovetop pot that can fit up to 9 cup and as low as 3 cups for efficiency and technology effectiveness.

European Gift 50ss Stove-Top Stainless steel Frother

best stovetop milk frother

Though it takes a while to heat it does provide the perfect froth for your lattes. Made of 18/10 stainless steel stovetop it is extremely light making it portable.

Belonging to the manual group of milk frother you will be able to control your own froth consistency for great chai tea or cappuccino, the bakelite handle and knob will help protect you from the high levels of heat resulting from warming your milk.

It can lso be adjustable to allow from 3 to 6 and 9 cups of coffee. This stovetop stainless steel frother would be perfect for camping with its large size and no requirement for power source and batteries.

Made in Taiwan this is a high quality product with so much to prove to its users. The valve will help you notice of boiling liquid inside the pitcher.

La cafetiere Co000003 Coco Stovetop Hot Chocolate Pot and Frother

best stovetop milk frother

Made of aluminum you could place your milk in the pitcher and warm it within a blink of an eye. Made to heat milk while blending coffee, tea or chocolate along if helps form that frothy look. By pumping the chocolate downwards, you can acquire that perfect mix-up before warming our beverage.

The nonstick inner touch allows for easy cleaning. It is however to be noted that this stovetop hot chocolate pot and frother is not for cleaning via a dishwasher but rather use of hands.

With a light texture preference, you can automatically prepare your beverage of milk chocolate with no manual work at all. The major difference in this stovetop is that you can add your chips or flakes to your mix for a complete shake provide that quality finish to your beverage.

With the capability to do two things at the same time you can possibly see why it made it to our top milk frother stovetops of 2018.

Best way to keep your milk frother working for long

You would think a simple and hand held appliance is easier to maintain than your average appliances? Wrong, even the best appliances need a little care to keep them running smoothly. Here is our guide to making sure your milk frother serves you longer than expected.

    1. You should avoid mixing thick liquids with unfit frothers to handle these conditions. Maintain your use within the preferred options
  1. There is a limit on both texture and quality of milk froth produced mainly due to the type of milk. Your desires should coincide with your preferences for highest satisfaction.

Best stovetop milk frother FAQ

Is there a difference between large milk frothers to the small milk frothers?

Unlike the common believe the only difference is that large milk frothers can prepare bigger quantities of milk froth at once compared to the small milk frothers. There is no notable difference in terms of other properties such as texture between milk frothers of different sizes.

How is the safety?

For any production to land on market shelfs it should be noted that careful measures are taken to ensure consumer safety when using or not using any appliance. This can include more than just direct threats such as burns but also environmental effects.

The fact that a product is readily available says more about its safety factor than you will read about it.

What milk should I use?

Milk choice does not really affect foam properties that much. However, notable smooth froth can be obtained from full cream milk. Cream is usually responsible for holding down the bubbles. Cream also helps give a soft and consistent texture from the froth.

Fastest way to get your froth

Electric milk frother will usually pump bubbles faster than your manual milk frother will. In terms of milk type, skimmed milk has been known to will take less time to form froth due to lack of heavy fats.

Can stovetop milk frother prepare your favorite almond milk?

Of course, you can. With an electric milk frother or manual one with support for preparation of hot chocolate. With minimal frothing action the right almond milk can be prepared with no extra inconveniences.

Does aluminum work better over stainless steel?

While aluminum usually heats faster than stainless steel it does lose heat at a higher rate too. In case your milk frother is used often then a stainless steel product would be preferable due to its health benefits.

Most products incorporate aluminum parts even those with stainless steel pitchers. This is due to the fact that aluminum will help conduct heat faster.

Final verdict

With all these models making it to the best of milk frother 2018 I imagine quite a few fit into criteria. With great care, you should choose a milk frother that best suits your environment, purpose and duration of use. With extensive use, stainless steel would be preferred but aluminum would be a priority for fast users.

It should be noted that sizes of cups are regional sensitive. A cup of coffee in North America is smaller compared to that in Europe. Being famous appliances for beverages, milk frothers help deliver unique tastes right at the comfort of your sitting room. Various milk frothers will also provide different levels of texture, consistency and quantity. With this freedom of choice, it makes it hard to fall far from the intended target.

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