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Best gooseneck electric kettle – Only Choose From 2020’s Top 10 Picks

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Kettles go back a long way and even so, I think it’s true to say that they are somewhat irreplaceable owing to the fact that they are part of our daily lives. Over the years, kettles have gone through a lot of modifications to make them better which brings us to what we’ll be looking at today- the best gooseneck electrical kettle.

There are quite a lot of options for you to choose from in the market but the sad part is that the odds of you getting the best are quite slim which is why we’re obliged to do all the hard work for you.

Rather than having to search for the best on your own, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best products you’ll get in the market. In addition to this, we’ll also be taking a look at the key things to take into consideration before you go ahead and make your purchase.

Without further ado, how about we get started right away?


3 of our top recommended picks.

First off, here’s just but a tip of the ice berg to get you started. Rather than reading the whole review, you can have a quick look at 3 of our best.


3 of our best gooseneck electric kettles

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Electric Kettle Gooseneck with Variable Temperature Control

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Hamilton Beach Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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Electric Gooseneck Kettle for Drip and Pour Over Coffee

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Best gooseneck electric kettle- what to look for.

In the first part of our review, we’ll be having a look at what you should look into if you do want the best. Let’s get started with the most striking features of all on the gooseneck electric kettle- the gooseneck.

The gooseneck.

This is probably the first noticeable different feature on a gooseneck electric kettle whether it’s electrical or not. The gooseneck is basically what makes the electric kettle special since it is what controls how the water gets poured out of the spout.

As compared to the ordinary pour over kettles, the gooseneck pours water at a slower and steadier rate hence giving you more control which in turn makes your cup of coffee or tea more delicious.

On the other hand, just having a gooseneck isn’t enough since some of them are not positioned perfectly. Whereas some will have leaks in some cases, others will prove quite a hassle for you to get half the water out of your kettle such that you’ll have to tip it over to do this.

For the positioning, you should probably go for an electric kettle that has the gooseneck positioned closer to the base so that you’ll be able to get as much tea or coffee out of it as possible.

How good is the material design?

Something else that you should really look into if you want the best gooseneck electric kettle is the material used in its construction

Whereas the outside may be all shinny and attractive, the inside may surprisingly disappoint you. This however, does not imply that the exterior should be given less consideration.

One of the most irritating things would be the cringy taste of rust each time you want to take a hot cup of tea or coffee. Unless you love this taste, then you should go ahead and look for a gooseneck kettle that’s constructed out of quality metal- stainless steel preferably. Other than just being durable stainless steel is also lighter due to the fact that it’s thin hence it’ll be more comfortable to handle

Most manufacturers will compromise on the design just to cut down on the cost which is why you may experience a surprisingly quick wear and tear shortly after purchasing your electric kettle. In some cases, there might be cracks along the joints which would obviously lead to leakages. For suck you can simply run your finger over them and the smoother the joint, the higher the quality of the kettle.

The capacity- this ought to be just enough.

Yet another thing you need to take into account when shopping for al electric kettle is how much tea you can have in it.

On most gooseneck electric kettles, you’ll get a capacity of around 1 liter with only a few deviations from this.

When it comes to the capacity, you should take into account how many people you’ll be serving at once. You do not want to go ahead and constantly refill your electric kettle each time someone wants some more tea. After all, walking back and forth to heat up more water could be quite irritating, don’t you agree?

Is it really comfortable enough?

You’ll be holding this kettle by hand, right? So, it’s really important that it be as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want is to put down the kettle after filling up only a few cups of tea or coffee.

As much as getting a kettle that keeps up with fashion is good, it is also important that you do not compromise the level of comfort for just a fashionable design. In a nutshell, although comfort and the design are both important, a pretty handle won’t be so pretty if it will be too hot to handle.

Something else you need to take into account is whether or not the handle has a good enough grip; you don’t want the electric kettle to slip off your hand. As much as the handle should be comfortable enough to hold, it, at the same time shouldn’t be too large to add unnecessary weight to the kettle.

The flow rate

Whereas some kettles will pour out tea or coffee slower than others regardless of whatever angle you hold them at, some are more responsive to a slight shift.

The main purpose of getting a gooseneck is to pour out your beverage slow enough for you to have utmost control over. I’d really recommend a gooseneck kettle that at the same time observes consistency as well.

Getting a high flow rate from your gooseneck kettle could come in handy but at the same time, it’s not good enough to have if you can’t pour out your tea evenly.

How much should you spend on the electric kettle?

Now here’s something that raises a lot of eyebrows. When it comes to the price, what most people assume is that the rule of thumb is the most expensive is always the best. There might be some truth to this but not if you’ll be spending too much something that’s not worth the price.

Whereas some electric kettles are highly priced owing to something such as the level of durability, others might just be as expensive due to aesthetic features.

On the other hand, the built quality and aesthetics should be just as good as the quality.

Temperature display.

Now here’s something that you’ll not get in just any gooseneck kettle. Since you’ll not be heating up your tea or coffee manually, it is best that you get to see at what temperature it gets heated up. After all, it would be far much better if we got to drink our tea at just the right temperature.

Anyone who knows a little bit about their coffee knows that the different blends of coffee ought to be handled with different temperature levels.

The significance of a built-in thermometer should, therefore not be overlooked whatsoever.

The speed- how fast is the kettle going to get the job done?

Yet another important thing is how fast it will take before you can have a warm cup of tea or coffee. In order to know this, you’ll need to first of all have a look at what the power rating on the electric kettle is prior to putting your money on the line. In most cases, anything above 1000 watts should do the trick.


After taking into account all the other factors, you should pay close attention to whether or not your electric gooseneck kettle is safe enough for you to use.

Any plastic parts, for instance ought to be BPA-free and metal used should not be susceptible to rust. You should also observe utmost care when handling your electric kettle; be sure to turn it off after use and avoid spills that could short it out when pouring out liquids.

Best gooseneck electric kettle- the best picks of 2019

We’re already through with the buying guide and we’re doing good so far. How about we move on to take a look at the top picks of 2019?

Hamilton Beach Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 1.2 Liter (40899), Stainless Steel

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Convenience = 80/100

Ease of use = 70/100

Quality = 70/100

With the 1.2- liter capacity and a precise control backed up with high quality and safe material construction, it might just be the missing piece in your kitchen

Kicking off our review is one of the best gooseneck electric kettles you’ll get for your money on the market- the Hamilton beach. Let’s take a look at what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Quality construction

Starting with the construction and probably one of the many striking features on this electric kettle is the stainless steel. This, as far as we’re concerned is probably the best material you’ll be getting; not only is it thin, but it’s also light and durable. You won’t have to worry about the cringy taste of rust.

Auto shut off feature.

When the water gets heated up enough, there is the auto shut off feature. This saves on energy and simultaneously reduces the risk of blowing up the kettle. There is also a red LED light at the base which stays on when the power is on and vice versa.

Utmost control.

When it comes to the control, this 1.2-liter stainless steel gooseneck kettle will give you the same control level coffee baristas use. With the gooseneck design you’ll be getting, all you’ll be having is a slow and steady stream of your best tasting coffee.

The rapid boil system.

Yet another thing to take into account is the rapid boil system that’ll get your coffee or tea ready to serve in a jiffy. Considering it will be coming in a capacity of 1.2 liters, you’ll serve number of cups before you go back and boil up more.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle – Rapid Boil Electric Kettle Water Heater

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Quality construction = 80/100

Safety = 80/100

User-friendly = 70/100

The quick heating feature, a high quality stainless steel construction and a controlled flow with a spill-free lid all make it worth every penny

If you’re really in for the best tasting cup of coffee or tea, then this might just be what you need. Here’s what you’ll be getting from it…

A slow and controlled flow

Being the main reason as to why you’ll be getting a gooseneck electric kettle rather than the normal pour over kettle, the flow rate is of utmost importance. Owing to the fact that this will be slow and steady, there’ll be optimal extraction of your coffee or tea for the best tasting beverage.

High quality stainless steel design

The longer it serves you, the better off you are. Other than just having a striking appearance on your kitchen counter or cabinet, the stainless-steel construction ensures that the kettle gets to last for as long as possible.

In addition to this, there is, the handle is made out of BPA-free plastic which is both comfortable and safe enough to use

A spill-free lid

To keep your hands from the hot water that could probably scald you, the lid is airtight and considering it’s got a BPA-free knob, it will be easy to remove it

Quick & attention-free boiling.

Yet another outstanding feature on this electric kettle is the capability of getting things done quite fast. The base is a 1000 watt, 120-volt electric base that conveniently and quickly heats up your water.

In addition to just getting your water boiled fast, there is also the auto shut-off feature that is triggered once the water gets heated up just right- get to save on energy and simultaneously eliminate the risk of blowing the kettle

Bonavita 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Ease of use = 80/100

Quality = 70/100

Convenience = 70/100

Other than just having a 1-liter capacity, it’s got a precise control, quality stainless steel construction and offers quick heating

The next one on our best gooseneck electric kettle review is an outstanding 1.0L electric gooseneck kettle from Bonavita. Let’s find out whether or not it’s really worth every penny, shall we?

Adjustable one-degree increments.

Unlike other electric gooseneck kettles that would just heat up the water to boiling point, you can actually set the temperature on this one to just how hot you love your beverage

Quick heating

When it comes to getting your tea or coffee heated up, the kettle has got as much as 1000 watts to do this perfectly and quickly. Adding on to the fact that there is an adjustable one-degree increment, you can heat up your beverages to exactly how you like them.

Other than just being quick in heating, there is the count up timer which allows you to keep track of the brewing process.

Precise control

With the gooseneck spout on this kettle from Bonavita, it will be easy to control how much of your beverage pours out. In addition to this, you’ll hardly have to worry about having spills all over your kitchen counter.

Quality stainless steel construction

The brushed stainless-steel look in this gooseneck kettle is quite eye-catching but in addition to this, it’s just as strong as it is durable.

As for the handle and the lid, you’ll be getting BPA-free plastic hence these two on the stainless-steel body guarantee both safety and durability.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle for Drip and Pour Over Coffee and Tea ByCozyna

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Safety = 60/100

Convenience = 60/100

Comfort = 70/100

It’s got a really good grip, a food-gradestainless-steel design and a thermometer included for ultimate convenience

Ever dreamt of brewing your coffee like a barista, well, this might just be what you are missing out on. Let’s take a look at what this kettle from Cozyna has in store for us, shall we?

Thermometer included.

Owing to the fact that there’s a thermometer that comes along with this gooseneck kettle, it will be quite easy for you to keep track of your boiling by just getting your tea as hot as you need it.

Other than just having a thermometer, there is also the auto shut off feature that cuts off the power once the water attains boiling point

Lightweight design for ultimate comfort.

The stainless-steel design is durable and the fact that it is also light is another reason this is qualifies as the best electric kettles out there. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, the stainless steel is also lightweight which makes it quite easy to handle this kettle.

As for the handle, you’ll be getting a firm and comfortable grip.


Above all else, your safety is of utmost importance which is why you’ll be getting a Teflon-free which is 100% food-grade stainless steel since it’s free from any chemicals

Automatic shut off feature.

It’s not every day that you get convenience and safety all in one. Without compromising either, this kettle is engineered in such a way that it automatically shuts off after the water reaches boiling point

Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Temperature Presets

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Safety = 70/100

Flexibility =80/100

Durability = 70/100

The stainless steel is both durable and food-grade all the same and the BPA free plastic is completely safe; the temperature presets on the other hand allow fora better customization.

When it comes to electric gooseneck kettles, nothing can be more convenient than getting both the temperature and the taste just right. Well, that’s what this gooseneck kettle is all about; let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

Temperature presets available.

Now here’s something that’ll definitely blow our mind. Why tolerate the taste of burnt up coffee every morning when you can have a perfect one?

Probably one of the things that makes this the best gooseneck electric kettle is the temperature presets on it. Upon setting the temperature, all you’ve got to do is wait; you can also choose between five accurate temperature presets i.e. 180, 195, 200, 205 and 212 degrees fahrenheit

A quick and attention-free boiling process.

The electric base on this kettle has as much as 1000 watts and 120 volts of electricity each of which is guaranteed to conveniently boil your water.

Upon setting your desired temperature level, let the kettle do the rest and to make it even much more interesting, once your water is boiled up, the auto shut off feature is triggered.

Quality stainless steel design.

Other than just standing out due to the mirror finish on its surface, the fact that it is made out of 100% food grade stainless steel makes it worth every penny. You won’t have to worry about Teflon or chemical linings which would be quite hazardous.

As for the handle, you’ll be getting one that’s made out of BPA-free plastic and ergonomically designed to give you just the perfect and comfortable grip.

Cusimax 4-Cup Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Safety = 80/100

Convenience = 70/100

Ease of use = 80/100

With the auto shut off feature, the plastic-free inside and high grade stainless steel backed up with utmost precision, this could just be the missing piece to your perfect cup of tea or coffee

As far as precision, durability and reliability is concerned, this electric kettle might just be what you’re missing out on as far as getting your beverages right is concerned.

Here’s what you’ll be getting from it

Quality and safe construction

On the inside of this kettle, all you’ll be getting is stainless steel. Other than just being an elegant look, it’s also quite durable and corrosion-resistant

There is also the boil-dry protection feature which automatically stops boiling once the kettle is empty. With the auto shut off feature, the boiling also stops when the water within it is completely boiled up.

Precise control.

It’s definitely not the best gooseneck kettle if you can’t be able to control how you pour the water out of it, right?

Coming with a capacity of 1 liter which will be enough to serve quite a number of cups before you go for a refill, the gooseneck allows you to control the water just how you want to. Another added advantage of the gooseneck spout on this kettle is that it allows for optimal extraction of the coffee hence giving you the best tasting cup of tea or coffee.

Quick boiling.

No one wants to wait too long before they can enjoy their best tasting cup of tea or coffee, right? In order to ensure that this is not the case whatsoever, the 1000-watt electrical base quickly and conveniently boils your water. With the auto shut off, it automatically powers down once the water is boiled up.

BREVO 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Durability = 80/100

User-friendly = 70/100

Safety = 70/100

The high quality stainless steel, the auto shut off feature and the variable temperature control altogether makes this gooseneck kettle worth every penny

Other than just looking good in your kitchen counter, there’s actually more to this 1-liter gooseneck kettle from BREVO. Let’s have a closer look at what it’s all about, shall we?

High quality construction

Other than just giving you a hot cup of coffee or tea, you should be able to get the same for the longest period of time which is why you’ll be getting a premium 18/8 stainless steel. In addition to this, the materials used in the construction of the kettle are completely BPA-free that ensures the original flavor of your coffee is retained

Fast and safe boiling

The best gooseneck electric kettle should have you drinking a perfect tasting cup of coffee in a jiffy. The best way to do this is to heat up the water as quick as possible and owing to the fact that the power rating you’ll be getting here is 1000 watts, it won’t take long before you serve your coffee.

As for the safety, the kettle has got the automatic turn-off feature which shuts off automatically once the water is boiled.

Variable temperature control.

Being one of the most important variables when it comes to brewing coffee, the water temperature on this kettle has.

With the digital control panel on the handle, you can be able to adjust the temperature to increments of one-degree Fahrenheit between 120 and 212 degrees. Alternatively, you can switch to increments of 10 degrees to get things going much faster.

The keep-warm function

With this function, you can be able to hold up the water at a desired temperature level up to an hour at a time. Rather than having to heat up the water each time you need a cup of coffee, you’ll get it exactly when you need it.

Electric Kettle Gooseneck with Variable Temperature Control

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Ease of use = 60/100

Safety = 80/100

Durability = 80/100

You can be able to customize how hot you want your beverage, it’s got a 304-stainless steel constriction and its also FDA and ETL certified

Looking for the best of 2018? Well, this might just be what you’re after. Here’s what it packs under the hood…

LED display with variable temperature control

On the handle of this electric kettle is an LED temperature control that ranges between 122 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering temperature can draw the line between the best tasking and the worst cup of coffee, it’s important that you get to have the temperature just right.

Rapid-boil electric kettle

With the 1000-watt power capacity, you’ll get the water boiled up quite fast. In addition to this, there is also the temperature control and the auto shut off feature.

Once the water gets boiled up, the kettle will automatically switch off to save on energy and avoid any potential electrical hazards.

Utmost accuracy

Nothing could be more irritating and annoying than spilling coffee all over, don’t you agree? In order to take care of this, the spout has been constructed in such a way that you get to have ultimate accuracy and control without having to deal with spills

Electric Gooseneck Kettle Stainless

Best gooseneck electric kettle

Safety = 90/100

Durability = 80/100

User-friendly= 80/100

With the 3-prong plug, the auto shut off feature and the premium 304 food grade stainless steel construction on all parts, it’s just the perfect kettle for any occasion.

Coming up second last on our best gooseneck electric kettle review is probably one of the safest and the most durable you could get for your money. Let’s have a closer look at it, shall we?

Food grade stainless steel construction.

On both the inside and the outside of this electric kettle, you’ll be getting a premium 304-grade stainless steel construction.

This just so happens to be one of the best ant it is inclusive of the spout and the lid as well. In addition to this, there’ll be no rust and neither will there be contact between plastic and water; it is also FDA-certified and BPA-free.

Stay cool handle and easy storage

The soft non-slip cool-touch material on the handle gives you utmost comfort as well as safety. For the connector, you’ll be getting a 360- degree swivel cordless connector for easy positioning.

Utmost safety

When it comes to boiling the water, you’ll be getting an outstanding 1000 watts to do this conveniently and quickly.

When the boiling is through, there is the auto shut off feature that automatically cuts off the power supply to save on power. There is also the boil dry protection technology with a 3 prong plug for ultimate safety.

The best precision

When it comes to accuracy, all you’ll be getting is a slow and controlled flow which gets you enjoying the pouring process just the way you love it.

Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle BV3825B

Best gooseneck electric kettle

User friendly = 60/100

Durability = 70/100

Safety = 70/100

Being a BPA- free kettle on the plastic parts with the auto shut-off feature as well as a durable, brushed stainless steel construction and easy to control, it’s definitely a bargain.

Yet another outstanding gooseneck kettle from Bonavita is the Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle BV3825B. let’s find out whether or not it’s worth your money, shall we?

Quick heating & auto shut off.

Owing to the fact that you’ll be getting 1000 watts, it won’t take much time before you get to drink your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

Whereas other kettles require you to keep on checking whether or not the water is boiled up, this one has the auto shut off feature that’s triggered immediately the water is boiled.

Durability and safety

The brushed stainless steel not only compliments the appearance of your other utensils but it’s also one of the most durable you’ll get on a gooseneck kettle out there.

As for the plastic parts, they’re all made of BPA-free plastic which is completely safe for use hence you won’t be compromising your health.

Pour control

Being a 1-liter kettle, it’ll be able to serve quite a number of cups before you can refill it. With the gooseneck, you’ll have utmost control of the flow rate which, in the long run ensures that you get the best tasting beverage

Final verdict.

Now that we’ve seen what sets apart the best from the worst, it’s time to wrap things up. All things considered, it’s not always about the price nor is it about the brand name but it’s a matter of whether or not the electric kettle is going to offer you as much as you expect it to.

How good it looks is equally as important as how long it will last and neither should be sacrificed for the other.

Above all else, the best electric gooseneck kettle should allow for the optimal extraction of coffee or tea since this will definitely make a huge difference as far as the taste is concerned.

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